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Taking control of the end of your life

  As of today, the decision to end your life is yours, without suffering and when you choose.     

The decision to end your life in Switzerland is not an easy one for you, or for your loved ones.

We are here to enable you to stop your suffering with the help of the Swiss organization DIGNITAS.

Assisted dying and taking control of the end of your life

Last-Wish was established to allow anyone who is interested in ending their life to do so with dignity and in the shortest time possible, while minimizing the difficulties as much as possible.

We understand the agony and suffering of the people who want to end their life due to a terminal illness, but find it difficult to do so.

Wish seeks to enable those who are interested in ending their life the ability to do so in order to stop the suffering.

In Israel, assisted dying is against the law.

Switzerland is the only country in the world that allows patients who are not its citizens to come and end their life when and how they wish to do so.

The service is not intended for people with severe mental illnesses or mental exhaustion. Those seeking to go through the process must be of sound mind.

We invite you to contact us whenever you need. 

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