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"With grace, dedication, and professionalism"

Dear Shlomi,


There are not many people like you.

Wisely, with dedication and love you navigated and lead the difficult process our family went through in fulfilling Lina’s last wish…

From the beginning, you were there - You showed up!

You were present at every stage - emotional, administrative, operational and in general - you were there - a few steps ahead of us. Explaining, supporting, advising; and you did so with grace, dedication, and professionalism - as if this is the first time and we are the only people under your care.

This is a difficult time in life for family members and the person himself who decides to take such a step, and it is easy to fall into clichés, shallow words, exaggerations, and dramas. You have the wisdom and sensitivity to feel the intensities and know exactly what to say, when and to whom.

Thank you, Shlomi, for being a person that one can trust, on the hours of dedication, your commitment, and help.

We appreciate you and everything you have done for our *******.

We bless you, your family and loved ones with good health and joy in the heart.


We wish you that all your heart's desires will come true - Amen.



With much love, gratitude, and appreciation from all of us

From all the family members of the late

January 27, 2021

"You do a sacred work"

Dear Shlomi,

Huge thanks for the accompaniment, support, hug, and your special attention! You are a very special person who does a sacred work!

I send you a real and honest hug and appreciation in the name of the whole tribe!


April 15, 2021

"Continue this sacred work"

Hi dear Shlomi,

Thanks for the flowers.

We are coming to the moment of truth. I want to thank you for the whole process, you made it efficient and professional and no less important - in a humane way.

Wishing you to continue this sacred work, health, and happiness.

Tzipa K.

March 25, 2021

"A loyal friend who entered my heart"

To my dear and beloved Shlomi😭


I say goodbye to a loyal friend who entered my heart from the first moment we met. You are a unique man, there is no one like you with the soul of an angel, who manages to get through all the pain and sorrow of the people you accompany to the end of their lives.

I met a really special person with an attitude totally personal and devoted to the work you do. I had the pleasure and honor to know you and I greatly appreciate what you have done for me and my family. I thank you heartily. I love you and I will always remember you. I will not forget to say hello from you to your mother when I will meet her. Farewell my friend and soulmate.


February 10, 2021

"Your dedication and sensitivity supported us"

Dear Shlomi.


Yesterday I was so tired from all this terrible trip and the injustice we suffered that I even I couldn’t write a “Thank you” note. So, I want to thank you, in my name and on behalf of everyone on your support throughout this difficult and painful journey. Your dedication and sensitivity supported us in coping with the powers of darkness and evil. Thank you for your accompaniment and the treats and I hope that we will get stronger to keep going on.


I send you a hug from far-away and I promise to come to give one when I am near you.


March 1, 2021

The journey of the Pinkovitch family 

For three decades, the esteemed and beloved theater director, Roni Pinkovitch, struggled with MS, which deteriorated until he made a decision and traveled to Dignitas, Switzerland, to end his life.

Shlomi, a member of the "Last Wish" organization who accompanied us through all the tedious bureaucratic processes with Dignitas ... "

Taken from an article by Yoav Birnberg / Yedioth Ahronoth / 7 Yamim

Yoav Birnberg / Yedioth Ahronoth

February 12, 2021

"We will never have enough words”

"Our mother chose to end her life at Dignitas in Switzerland.”


"She traveled there last night accompanied by two people, to whom we will never have enough words to thank: Shlomi from Last Wish, who accompanies people in this process, and Hedva Eitan, a daughter of my mother's best friend who is in fact just like a member of the family for us."

Keren Or

December 1. 2020

"They fulfilled Dad's wish" 

"Dad was a Parkinson's patient who could no longer stand it.

His only request was to die in a dignified manner.

'Last Wish' fulfilled his wish within three months."

K.A. – Tel Aviv

May 1. 2020

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