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The decision to end your life at the time that suits you is not a simple one.

We are here to enable you to stop your suffering with the help of the Swiss organization DIGNITAS.

In Israel, euthanasia is prohibited by law.

Switzerland is the only country in the world that allows patients who are not its citizens, to come and end their life when they wish to do so.

The DIGNITAS organization from Switzerland believes that each person has the right to decide when and how to end their life.

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We Help People End Their Life with Dignity

The organization makes it possible to do so painlessly, in a way that will surely lead to the desired result, as opposed to suicide attempts that may not succeed, and may even further aggravate the person’s condition.

The service is not intended for people with severe mental illnesses and the applicant must be mentally clear.

The process that a patient has to go through from the moment the decision to end his or her life with the help of Dignitas is made, until the actual procedure takes place is long, complicated, complex, and requires many preparations.

Even though DIGNITAS is a not-for-profit organization, the process involves considerable costs.

It is important to understand that the DIGNITAS organization does not help every person who decides to end their life. There are many criteria for obtaining approval, the main one being the patient’s medical condition.

Here is where we come into the picture to help patients in Israel get the approval.

We are very familiar with the DIGNITAS process and we have vast experience accompanying Israeli patients from the moment they make the decision, through obtaining the “Green Light”, to the actual execution of the treatment in Switzerland.

Thanks to our familiarity with the organization’s representatives and their strict requirements – the guidance we provide guarantees a short and comprehensive process.


We are proficient in the fastest and most convenient ways of communicating with the organization, which saves valuable time and ensures the desired results for you and your loved ones.


We have personal access to the relevant professionals - doctors, psychiatrists, notaries, and translators, who are well acquainted with the process.

The support we offer includes:

Dealing effectively with the logistic process, including booking airline tickets and hotels for patients and their companions, help with arrangements for flying the body to Israel or cremating it, and receiving a death certificate in Israel.


If the family is interested, our representative will accompany them on the flight to Switzerland, stay with them, support them, and make the necessary arrangements there.

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At Last-Wish, we will do everything to ensure that the DIGNITAS 
organization accepts you and fulfills your last wish.

Our services include (most of which are required by DIGNITAS):

  • Personal accompaniment and explanations of all stages of the process.

  • Communication with DIGNITAS and transfer of relevant documents.

  • Meetings with physicians to provide an up-to-date medical report.

  • Production of copies of certificates (birth, marriage, etc.).

  • Translation of documents.

  • Notary services and drafting of wills.

  • Transfers of foreign currency.

  • Booking flights and hotels in Switzerland.

  • Company on the trip to Switzerland.

We believe that every person has the right not to suffer and to take control of their end-of-life.

DIGNITAS is a Swiss organization that aims to help incurable patients who are living in great agony and want to end their lives with dignity, by an action commonly referred to as "euthanasia". (DIGNITAS = honor in Latin, Euthanasia = beautiful death in Greek).

Passive euthanasia, known in Hebrew as "death with dignity", which deals with the right of a terminally ill person to request not to extend his life by artificial means such as a medical ventilator or a Nasogastric tube, DIGNITAS accompanies the person in the process of active euthanasia, when at the end of the process, DIGNITAS provides a glass with a potion that allows the person interested to end his or her life with dignity and without pain.

DIGNITAS prefers not to call the service it provides euthanasia, but rather assisted suicide, since euthanasia is done by a third party that causes the patient to die, and at DIGNITAS, the patients must perform the action that will end their life.

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